I spent most of yesterday baking dishes for Thanksgiving and working on the final photo edit of my “Still My Heart” project, a collection of images I have captured of ramdom heart shapes over the last six years. This body of work truly simply evolved. It was not a project I created for myself. I’m not a real girlie-girl kind of girl. I don’t wear pink often nor have I ever been one to idly draw hearts while doodling…so it is fairly amusing to me that I have become known for my heart project. I love that friends send me pictures they have taken of hearts or they show me heart-shaped vertebra collected while walking on a beach – some have even taken me to locations where they found a heart they wanted to share with me.

My connection to the project has cycled through variations of love, hate, awe, pride, annoyance, and ambivalence. I have tried to stop photographing the hearts – even called the project ‘over’ in May 2009 and got a tattoo to celebrate, but (!!!) the project won’t stop. Yesterday, I found three more hearts to consider for the book. Sigh. Here is one from last night’s fire. I find the metaphor a strong message for me at present.

…and a collection of images from a most beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by Eve and Lisa. There was much to toast and plenty of bubbly to keep up with us!

The magical makings of Butternut Squash Chorizo dressing. Beyond awesome!

A ‘family’ tree.