This photo is for my dearest friend on this planet – Becki – who is at this very moment preparing to leave Morocco after two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I am so full of pride to know her. She has overcome huge obstacles to be successful in her post, as every female PCV in a Muslim country must do. I’ve heard the unedited versions of her stories about cultural misunderstandings, inadequate trainings, and the insane situations of sexual harassment she has endured – and it has only made me admire and respect her more and more. Becki has a thing for spirals, which I found myself spinning into the flour tonight as I rolled out pastry dough for the quiche I made for dinner tonight (it smells heavenly as it bakes). You can read all about her adventures on her blog, Shwiya b shwiya, where she has her Flickr photo feed. She’s just rad.