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today, a tuesday, is remarkable. one year ago i pulled into Tucson, checked myself into a hotel and immediately began to fret about what i would wear the next morning as i began my new career as an educator in the non-profit world.  everything about my life was in transition at that moment. i had no idea where i would live…if i would like my co-workers or if they would like me…where i could find a good cup of coffee…what the local music scene was like…if i could make friends in a town where i knew only one person…if i would be able to work with youth. if i would even like Tucson…if it would ever feel like “home”.

as i write this post, i sit on my sofa with my feet upon my beautiful vintage Lane coffee table inside my quaint 1938 adobe home. my vintage dishes fill my kitchen cabinets. local blues musician Tom Walbank is on my iTunes and i have plans with friends every night this week. i survived my first year working with youth and i soon came to realize that teaching is deeply rewarding to me in ways that i could never have anticipated. i totally and completely adore my co-workers and i think they have come to appreciate my steel will and off-beat sarcasm. i had a good cup of Mexican organic coffee this morning from a local coffee shop and a youth i mentored this year stopped into the office to say hello.

anniversaries always make me stop for a moment…take a breath and give thanks for all that has come my way. they are a moment of reflection. i am thankful for the spectacular individuals in my new “home”-town that have added me into their lives, enriching mine in the process. i’ve written about them all here. i also give thanks for the support given to me from out-of-state, especially during my early months here.

i feel incredibly fortunate. i feel proud. i feel creative. i feel challenged. i feel strong and free. most of all i feel closer to my continual goals of stability and clarity.

i (heart) Tucson.


after a whirlwind weekend that ended abruptly, leaving me with a slight case of emotional whiplash and a small contusion of the heart, i spent this evening back in my cocoon of live music with my super fabulous friends Mel and Sean. we went to see Thao with The Get Down Stay Down at a Tucson venue I had not been to yet – Solar Culture – which is basically an art gallery/live music venue. how many ways can i say it was totally dreamy to have my two loves combined in one space – creative local art and live music. it was inspiring…so i made this photo with Sean’s iPhone…

the opening band, Horse Feathers (from Portland, Oregon- which is ironically where my new friend – Friendly Ben – flew to this morning for a camping trip with his brother. Hi Ben! Go to the Tillamook cheese factory. I insist.), was really impressive. beautiful vocals with a lilting and moaning violin accompanying. Thao has a voice that reminded me of a fancy-free Edie Brickell. i loved them so much i came home and immediately downloaded their latest album from iTunes. i’m listening to it right now. love, love it….”as sharp as i sting, it just soothes you, doesn’t it like a lick of ice cream”..

i want to thank Lauren for reminding me that i have a blog. i have had lots to blog about, but i’ve been lazy about making the time. i also want to thank Miss Mel for bringing me her awesome vegan sushi tonight. i promise to blog more in the next few days. cheers to everyone.