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to my viewer in League City…if you are someone with the initials – t.p. (henceforth referred to as “toilet paper”) – or if you are related to “toilet paper” – find other places on the internet to hang out. you are not welcome here.

if you do not know who “toilet paper” is, please disregard the above message. thx.


“I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I found this quote funny…at first…and then I was annoyed at it…and then i found it funny again. for my creative folks out there, whaddy’a think?

Oscar update: I’m sad to report that Oscar is much more sick than originally thought. After three days of heaving coughs and some nasty wheezing, not to mention sleepless nights, we (“C” the rescuer and myself) took Oscar back to the vet to check in. The vet did a chest x-ray, which concluded that he DOES have pneumonia…AND it is highly likely that he has Valley Fever. Bad news all around. Pneumonia has a 1-2 month recovery period, but Valley Fever has a 6-12 months recovery period.

I’m thinking about what I should do about Mr. Oscar. It is all a lot more than I bargained for. I’m battling that triangulation of obligation, responsibility and guilt. Overall, the reappearance of having a dog in my life has been anti-climactic. I’ve been looking for a while and waiting for the right opportunity for a four-legged friend to join my household. I don’t think that I have the emotional resources to nurse a sick dog for a full year…so I’ve got some decisions to ponder.

in the meantime, here are some pretty things to view…


and i’m craving a tall glass of…


it’s currently cold and rainy here in Tucson. apparently it “snowed” a little while ago, while i was out. mark caught some video of it. little snow pellets that i think look like styrofoam pellets. ya’ll back in Lincoln-land…i feel you pain (hee hee!).

sheesh. be careful what you wish for, you might get more than you originally requested. a few weeks ago i was complaining about feeling bored – and right now i’m going to complain about being way too busy. i’m too busy to actually write everything into a novella of a blog post, so we’re going on a photographic survey of recent events in my life.

first!!! a huge congratulations to the effervescent Miz B! after toil and turmoil, she was finally granted full clearance into the Peace Corps! the bureaucracy that exists can really confound me at times, but i am so happy that when someone tried to push her aside she pushed the back and kept walking the path she wants to walk! congrats lady! just let me know when and where to book my flight to Africa!

meet Oscar…


Oscar is my “foster” dog. he was on death row tuesday morning at the animal shelter morning and now he’s napping in my front yard. he is a golden retriever and german shepherd (??) mix and he is a very sick dog. we’re trying to get him healthy enough to adopt out, but he’s currently not eating, which is very worrisome. he was scheduled to be euthanized for a bad case of kennel cough, which is one of the world’s worst sounds! he’s very sweet and extremely mellow and i hope he gets better so we can get him into a good home.


“The Juggler” (a.k.a. Mark), of Lincoln-land fame, is settling into a mellow life here in Tucson. he juggled for me the other day, which always makes me marvel. we’ve been discovering new parts of the town together – including two local breweries (one good, one bad)…and, drum roll please…we’re putting the final touches on amy’s new website for Ivanna Cone ice cream. it looks fantastic! i’ll let ya’ll know when it’s live!


the flat-lander that he is, Mark had never been atop a mountain so we journeyed up to Mt. Lemmon for a quick afternoon trip.


last weekend was fun. we headed up to phoenix so i could help my sister Julie out with set up of an event. i had a great time because i got to climb up into a great tree to hang chinese lanterns…


we also stopped by a funky sculpture for a quick pic…


my favorite photo from the past two weeks is one i took at the once-a-month antique fair that Mamta and Missy invited me along to. it was an extra special invitation and i felt really honored to be included…and i found some drinking glasses that nearly complete my set of vintage riverboat glasses. in this image, the ever lovely and talented Missy takes an order for a personal pleasure device – in the middle of the fair…”Was it the pink one?”


cheers to all.