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my younger sister Heidi is stuck at home, anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first munchin’, who keeps flirting with her, acting like he’s going to join the world. she is bored, bored, bored and she demanded that i keep her entertained with more postings of my blog.

work was super fun today. i spent the entire day editing photos and talking photography with members of the youth staff. there was some really stellar work from a couple of the youth!! it was so exciting. today was also the very first deadline for the youth staff – and boy, did reality hit hard for most of them!!

my new fun friend Emily introduced me to a cool web site, GoodReads. it’s on online “book club”, of sorts. you can create a profile and start to create a library of books that you have read. you create a group of friends so you can share your critiques of the book that you’ve read. check it out…and be my friend. it’s a great site for those avid book readers or those just looking for a new book to dive into.

i’d love to write more, but i have to head home. the awesome Steph and i are spending this evening around my sewing machine. we’ll be creating a plump groundhog costume to wear this weekend “fur” a performance. i’ll post pictures as soon as it is complete!


after waking up early this morning, i stayed in bed reading a great book. i came across this quote that i instantly fell in love with. enjoy!


You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time

and build your own wings on the way down.”


— Ray Bradbury

i’ve been in a deeply reflective place the past few weeks, therefore the lack of postings. lots of reading, lots of meditation, several mind-clearing hikes in Gates Pass. i feel a lot lighter and free of some negative energy that seemed to have taken root in my heart.

work has been busy, busy. a couple weekends ago, a group of us took a road trip down to Ruby, Arizona for an interview. it was a beautiful drive down and a big adventure four-wheeling on a crazy road. Ruby is an abandoned mining town that is slowly being taken back by nature. there are huge sand dunes, a by-product of the mining process, and there are three lakes. it’s surreal, knowing that you are in the desert but feeling like you are on the shores of lake michigan.

here are a few images from that trip.





i’ve noticed that the images i’ve been collecting are all detail images…small parts of a much larger picture. i think that is very reflective of where i am at in my life. i am very into colors, textures and metaphor. i am not very interested in the big picture. that will come in time once i feel that my foundation is stable and i understand how the small parts complete the whole.

the past two weekends have been full of friends, bars and great music. the ever-lovely Jen and i sent to see Ryan Adams last friday night. great music, despite the two jerks behind us who felt compelled to talk through most of the sets. can anyone explain this to me….why would you spend nearly $30 on a ticket only to talk through the show? why waste your money? stay home and listen to the cd so the rest of us can actually feel the music.

the next night Steph shared her zany effervescence with a large crowd at the Surly Wench bar on 4th ave. her performances are fabulous and i am in love with her music, which i can only describe as sarcastic 1950’s do-whop. her lyrics are priceless. i have noticed that tuscon is not a town where people dance. angel, lisa, katie and i tried to dance but the stares from the crowd made us all a little self-conscious and took the fun out of it, so we slowly moved off the “dance” floor.

and this past weekend has been full of great spontaneous moments featuring the”Tall Boys”, a fabulous conversation with Bill about Martin Luther King, Jr. and non-violent protest as well as a couple moments of “deja vu” at The Cup in Hotel Congress with Sean and Bill’s fabulous band-mate Mel, who has a great sense of humor and is now officially my new massage therapist – hallelujah!

it’s hard to believe, but i have been in Tucson nearly six months now and it has been super swell to be making some cool new friends. i am finally feeling like tucson is “home”- which for someone as nomadic as myself – feels quite nice.

greetings to all, and a happy new year too!

this year has gotten off to a great start. i celebrated the dawn of 2008 at a house party where i met a lot of really cool people and got a chance to better know a few cool people that i’ve met previously. it was a swell and relaxing party with lots of good conversation, chai-quila (chai tea + tequila) and a fair amount of salsa dancing.

my nieces are here in tucson for a visit. we’ve had a swell time. yesterday we went for a brief hike in Catalina State Park where the girls conquered a large boulder:


we also found a great addition to my growing collection of “Found Hearts”


as i write this, the girls are playing a kick-ass game of pool. they are really quite good at the game. i’m impressed.  we’re heading to get lunch and then back up to Catalina State Park for a good, long hike today. cheers to all!