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Happy holidays to everyone! Cheers!



it snowed on Mt. Lemmon a few days ago. my current wonderful house-guest, the illustrious William Lauer, and I ventured through the snow for the famous pie that is served at the Mt. Lemmon Cafe. the pie was woefully underwhelming (not to brag, but my pies kick that pie’s blackberry!), but the winter wonderland was beautiful and very calming after a very hectic workweek.







dueling cameras atop the snow capped mountain. can you see me?


William celebrates his summit at Windy Point. a few moments earlier, he nearly went ass-over-tea-kettle near the edge as he took photos of me (see below).


William drove out from the cold of a Nebraska winter only to go play in the snow here in Arizona. Being the great friend that he is, William packed his car to the gills and brought me a carload of my favorite things:


my collection of vintage dish ware, Blue Heaven, which we toasted their arrival into my kitchen cupboards with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon  from my favorite American vineyard, Chateau St. Michelle.


which we drank over a fantastic meal that William cooked in my very first cast iron skillet. i’ve wanted one for a long time. it was chicken with asparagus and mushrooms in a lovely cream sauce. For those of you who don’t know William personally, he is an exceptional chef. If he ever offers to make you dinner – don’t even think of declining!

now that i have decent plates to serve dinner upon, my house will soon be open for many dinner & wine tasting parties. if your phone rings, it’s probably me. cheers!

i was running about town over the noon hour today and listening to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now. today’s segment was entitled: Listening Is an Act of Love: National Oral History Project StoryCorps Records Ordinary People Telling Their Remarkable Stories to Each Other

Amy Goodman was interviewing Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, which claims to be the largest oral history project in the United States. Isay set sound booths up in cities across the United States and scheduled everyday-folk to interview each other inside the booth. the stories were recorded and are now the foundation for the book that accompanies the project.

during the interview, Isay said that he felt that in our infomercial-like/celebrity-news-trash world that he wanted to find stories of people living meaningful lives. he wants to highlight people who live lives in ways that the rest of us can look up to. he hopes that in sharing these stories we will find inspiration for our own lives.

the stories were so lovely and very moving. i found myself getting teary eyed and crying a bit over a couple audio segments, especially the segment on George.

don’t delay! go now and listen to the full story…or download the podcast from iTunes. seriously…now!